After a long wait, we are happy to announce that you can now explore all your 3D Spaces, old and new, in Virtual Reality with both iPhone and Android devices. This has been a long time coming so, as you can imagine, our 3DENTITY team is buzzing with excitement.

There will be no additional conversion or charge necessary for iOS devices so if you have a 3D space, feel free to VR from your iPhone straight away. If you are not sure how to use VR or need to refresh your memory, here’s a quick reminder.

Before you can view a 3D space in VR, make sure you have your VR headset handy (Samsung Gear VR & Google Cardboard Viewer are supported) and that you have downloaded the Matterport VR app (from App Store, Google Play or Oculus depending on your phone). You can then open the 3D Showcase on your smartphone, look for the VR headset button in the bottom right hand corner, launch the Matterport VR app, and explore!

Try it here now!

*Please note that Matterport VR works best on iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and 7 Plus.