Did you know that you can now use statistics to track the reach of your 3D Showcases? Space Statistics is a new analytics tool to help you monitor engagement and understand how well your 3D and VR promotional efforts are paying off.

Once your immersive 3D showcases are live, we can activate the tracking tool so you can see how much traffic and engagement your 3D space generates.  These are the metrics that you will be able to see and what they mean:

Impressions: An impression is registered when someone views a page containing a 3D Showcase, or clicks on a public 3D Showcase link.

Visits: A visit is registered when a Space loads and launches.

Unique Visitors: Number of distinct users who visited a 3D Showcase one or more times.

If you want to start monitoring the performance of your 3D tours and receive statistics reports, please contact us so that we can activate this feature for you.