3DENTITY uses cutting-edge 3D and VR technology to create unique and innovative marketing showcases.

We work with other businesses to photograph their spaces in 3D and turn them into highly realistic virtual walkthroughs. Our immersive tours make YOU – the user – feel as if you are there so that you can really understand a space or a brand and experience its ambiance from your computer, mobile device or VR headset.

Our firm belief in 3D & Virtual Reality as the future of marketing techniques is what made us one of the very first companies in Europe to ever operate Matterport’s breakthrough 3D scanning system. This extensive experience gives us a highly professional and competitive edge.

How We Work

We strive to offer a premium and bespoke service and want our customers to rest assured that their unique brand and spaces are in good hands at every step of the way. That’s why our team doesn’t just do 3D scanning, but we also look at your entire business marketing framework to ensure we deliver an authentic and cohesive virtual experience of your brand.

Once we have understood your requirements and familiarised ourselves with your business vision, we will proceed to the technical part, or what we call the SEES process:

We come & Scan your space or display with the 3D cameras.
We work off site to Edit & create your bespoke 3D showcase.
 You can then Engage your customers on the web or with VR goggles.
Analyse & Study the efficiency of your virtual marketing with our tour statistics.

Our Why

We believe in people and authentic experiences. In our view, if you live fully and passionately, it would naturally create positive repercussions on your environment. That is why we wanted to escape the often dispassionate corporate world and find our own space from where we could reach the right work-life balance to allow us to be true to ourselves and invaluably helpful to those around us. With this in mind, we created 3DENTITY, a boutique company using modern means to support unique identities in a personal way.

Our Team

We are a close-knit elite international team combining imagination, innovation and technical precision. Each of our members has more than 15 years of professional experience and more than double that in life experience. We are focused on making sure that our clients join us not just for the impressive online experiences we provide them with, but also for the offline experience they receive as a result of working with us.

Maya – Chief Explorer

Maya’s passion for exploration of unique experiences and all things innovative, as well as her love for working one-to-one with people is what laid the foundations for the start of 3DENTITY. For the last 15 years, Maya has been involved with sales, marketing and business development across various industries and brands and in different countries. She’s lived in 7 countries and travelled around 66 and counting. She’s worked with a variety of TV, publishing, fashion and merchandise brands, such as Garfield, Shrek, Forever Friends and Star Wars, as well as technology companies such as Reputize and Booking.com. Most of her work has been focused on international property investment and the wine and spirits trade, where she developed her refined and sophisticated professional approach (and palate).

If she’s not scanning, networking, tasting wines or travelling around the world, she can be spotted doing yoga or CrossFit.



Marina – Client Confidante

Sharing a strong belief in a personal approach to human interaction and authentic experiences, Marina joined forces with Maya and became a 3DENTITY co-founder. She has more than 10 years’ experience in the property investment industry, managing large and small international client accounts. Prior to her property days, Marina spent the early stage of her career working on the field for the UN Peacekeeping Forces. This experience gave her a can-do attitude and creative approach to difficult, sensitive and unique situations. Today, her open, multicultural business approach and dedication to customer success ensures our clients are in safe hands at any time.

When she’s not scanning and looking after our clients, Marina is travelling, experiencing life and occasionally partaking in a marathon or two.



Christophe – The IT Captain

When he was a young boy, Christophe would dream of becoming an aircraft pilot. However, as he grew up, he developed high short-sightedness so he ended up choosing to follow the IT path instead. Today, you can find him sitting in front of his two synchronised computer screens, surrounded by various dashboards, consoles and clickable buttons, so much so that he feels like he’s in a cockpit and loving it. He spent more than 15 years mastering the intricacies of the web and he can now play it with his eyes closed. Websites, referencing, Facebook, Google Apps, newsletter solutions, you name it – Christophe is the man. The prospect of working in the world of virtual reality with even more gadgets, such as 3D cameras and VR goggles, was so appealing to his proudly geeky DNA that he could not resist but come on board project 3DENTITY.

Christophe likes to step out of his “cockpit” occasionally to play the guitar, listen to rock music and watch sci-fi films (think Star Wars).

Allan – The Wordsmith

Weaving words into powerful mechanisms of communication, entertainment and immersion has always been a skill Al has sought to hone into a craft. Whether through the medium of narrative in computer games and short stories, or through digital advertising and social media, he’s always been pleasantly surprised by the ever-increasing discovery of applications and facets of this skill and passion. He loves to take up every opportunity to apply his enthusiasm, not only of the written word, but also of the many digital mediums it can utilise with every new challenge that comes his way, which is what enticed him to join 3DENTITY. While he likes to stay as diverse as possible in his writing styles, Al’s favorite medium is that of computer games. He has written for a number of companies generating lore, dialogue, and concept design. Whenever possible, he takes advantage of this medium to let his comedic muse shine through in wacky games like Shiftlings.

When he takes a break from the written word, Allan can be seen relaxing with his hybrid dog-bear Boomer on the shores of Greece.

3DENTITY is an official Matterport Service Provider