What a great way to kick off 2017! We entered Matterport’s Festive Holiday Spaces Contest at the very last minute, just before wrapping up in anticipation of a much needed Christmas break. We were competing against various dazzling holiday spaces captured by photographers from all over the world. Being the last company to enter and with only 48 hours to competition closing time, we weren’t very hopeful to make it far in collecting too many Facebook likes. After all, most contestants had over a month of online exposure. But it was the season to start capturing the holidays in 3D so we thought we should give it a go anyway. You can imagine our surprise then when we found out that we came second!

Thank you to everyone who voted and enjoyed touring our festive spaces. And here is our winning immersive 3D holiday showcase, capturing Covent Garden’s iconic St Martin’s Courtyard. Walking along the busy streets of London, full of Christmas gift shoppers and party-goers, we stumbled upon this festive urban oasis, tucked away from all the madness. You can enjoy this 3D holiday visit in VR too!



And because we love the winter holiday season, here is a quick bonus festive tour we created at Canary Wharf, London’s busy financial district, capturing Cabot Square, one of London’s central squares. This showcase received the third most number of votes!